Chapter Ten – The Good Master

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Book Jacket for The Five Little Peppers and How They GrewThe Good Master is an enchanting story about a sweet family living on the Hungarian Plains. The family, Mother, Father, and Jansci, live a peaceful farming life which is thrown into utter chaos when cousin Kate comes from Budapest to stay with them. Can she be tamed by the good master?

In Chapter Ten Kate gets to meet the gypsies. At first she’s frightened by them, they’re so dark and different, plus Jansci says they can cast spells on you. But she quickly overcomes her fear when she discovers how much fun they are to watch and what beautiful music they make. But when it comes time to pay the gypsies, and father and Jansci go off to get a few sheep as their payment, Kate discovers that the gypsies may be fun to watch, but they’re thieves at heart. No sooner does she figure that out, than the gypsies discover her watching them steal and decide to take her with them. This may be one scrape that Kate can’t get herself out of.

Chapter 10 – Kate and the Gypsies
From The Good Master by Kate Seredy
Read by Catherine


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