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Clever Oonagh

Fin is a hero in Irish legend, but even he is terrified when his enemy Cucullin stops by for a visit. Fortunately for Fin, his wife Oonagh is more than a match for the unsuspecting giant…

Clever Oonagh

From “Clever Cooks,” compiled by Ellen Greene

Read by Lindsay


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Stone Soup: a Swedish Folktale

A hungry traveler meets an old, stingy woman and asks for a food and a night’s lodging. The old woman says she has no food but the traveler is very smart and gets both food and a good night’s sleep. Listen to how the traveler cleverly gets both. A classic tale from Sweden.

Stone Soup: A Swedish Folktale
Read by Kathleen

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Kate Crackernuts

Book Jacket for English Fairy TalesSimilar to The Twelve Dancing Princesses, this clever tale is about a prince, who seems to be wasting away during the day, and Kate, who cleverly figures out what’s wrong with him and how to cure him. With treacherous stepmothers, fairies, curses, and witches, this story has everything you’d want from a fairy tale.

Kate Crackernuts
From English Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs
Read by Lindsay

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How Maui Captured the Sun

In this Hawaiian folktale, Maui the demigod creates a longer day.

How Maui captured the sun
Read by Lin

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